can i use dreamweaver to make code for unity?

so i can not get my monodevelop to work i have tried to switch the preferences and tried to reinstall unity but it has yet to work and it is very frustrating so instead of fighting it i wanted to know can i make a movement script for unity in dream weaver. i have no experience with coding before so i need all the help i can get!

Sure - C# and Unityscript code files are just plain text files - you can create them using Notepad or MS Word if you want…

You can use dreamweaver but your better off fixing mono.

Sorry i can’t setup the links correctly. Answering from my phone.

Google unity dreamweaver.

If you have no experience with coding, it is my suggestion you start coding with C# instead of unityscript (I’m not trying to start a discussion, I like it better) and use Visual Studio as your IDE (Express version is free). Visual Studio has a lot of nice productivity tools that Monodevelop lacks and (imo) is a lot easier and more pleasant to work with. It can be especially powerful if you have some plugins like UnityVS and Resharper.

Microsoft hands out VS for free to starting businesses and students via the bizspark and dreamspark programs.