Can i use Everyplay to record without upload

Actually I just want user to record their work and create a movie file. I tried Intel INDE but it is not stable in my try. Can I use Everyplay to record without upload? If not, do you have any other Unity capture plugin for Android?

@sunnychow I faced the same issue, tried using INDE, but ultimately went this route with Everyplay. I made a function for retrieving the videos on iOS and Android. You’ll find the results on iOS to be a bit disappointing I’ll warn you. The video will be upside down (vertically inverted) and I found it was not possible to upload it to Facebook either. Android seems to work very well though! Don’t forget to import System.IO.

static string GetVideoPath ()

		var root = new DirectoryInfo(Application.persistentDataPath).Parent.FullName;
		var everyplayDir = root + "/tmp/Everyplay/session";


		var root = new DirectoryInfo(Application.temporaryCachePath).FullName;
		var everyplayDir = root + "/sessions";


		var files = new DirectoryInfo(everyplayDir).GetFiles("*.mp4", SearchOption.AllDirectories);
		var videoLocation = "";

		// Should only be one video, if there is one at all
		foreach (var file in files) {
			videoLocation = "file://" + file.FullName;
			videoLocation = file.FullName;

		return videoLocation;

Try ividcappro for ios. You can access the file localstorage from ios: AppData/tmp/Everyplay/session/[strangeNumbers]/screen.mp4 to find the last file, you just list the session directory and choose the newest one. For Android, you can access the video file before it is sent to everyplay servers here: sdcard/Android/data/com.yourapp/… similar to ios, I dont remember.