can i use HTML in javascript?

iv noticed that unity's javascript is quite different from the web-based javascript.

iv been playing around with the javascript in unity for a few hours now and iv come to bit of a road block.

i was wondering how i could implement this code into unity javascript:


    <script type='text/javascript'>
        function Chat(text)
            document.getElementById('chatarea').innerHTML += text + "

    <input type='text' id='chatbox_send'>
    <input type='submit' onclick=Chat(chatbox_send.value) value='Send'>

    <p id='chatarea'><p>


i have a box already set up for the submitted text to go in...what i cant do is set the box to retrieve and make an input box (which im looking into).

any help please?

thanks in advance

Unity's javascript isn't real javascript. A large amount of people call it "Unityscript" Also Unity is powered by Mono, not HTML/DHTML/XHTML/etc.

Check out the documentation for GUIs/OnGUI.