Can I use in-build Unity tutorial packages for commercial video-game?

For an example: 2D Beginner: Tutorial Resources | Tutorials | Unity Asset Store, it is posted as "FREE" resource, but in the so-called EULA stated next (me yet not fully read EULA).

Unless you have been specifically permitted to do so in a separate agreement with Unity and except as permitted under the Unity-EULA, you agree that you will not use, reproduce, duplicate, publicly display, publicly perform, copy, modify, adapt, translate, prepare derivative works of, distribute, transfer, license, sublicense, rent, lease, lend, sell, trade, resell, or otherwise commercialize or monetize any Asset that you have licensed from the Unity Asset Store for any purpose.
— Paragraph 3.5

Which is probably means, this 'FREE' resource cannot be used to sell somethings that including the above mentioned package?

You can make a game with this package. You cannot resell or redistribute this package.

This part of EULA explains what you’re allowed to do.

[quote=“neginfinity, post:2, topic: 891058, username:neginfinity”]
You can make a game with this package.
[/quote]But can that hypothetical video-game, which can be made with help of the above mentioned package be sold?
As Americaones saying: “I don’t get it!” — what is mean the next statement…

“…such that the Asset does not comprise a substantial portion of the Licensed Product…”

Somebody may say: my package is a substantial portion of your video-game! And what next? I still not understand the standard EULA in the Unity Resource Store.

You can use the package in the game, and sell the game.
You can ONLY sell it as a part of a game.

You cannot sell the package as is.

The clause you cited is to prevent asset flips. It is when people buy an asset and just sell a demo level as if it was their product.

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Well, I hope it so. Indeed, I didn't look at it in the way that somebody may sell resources as demo-games. Resolved I think...