Can i use IOS builder after making a project.

To be more precise, i have a mac book available (my brothers) but i cant use that to build the app. so my question is; can i build a game/app project on a windows computer and then import my project onto a macbook and somehow format it to be built as an app.

thank you


You can develop completely on Windows, and then when you are ready to test on the iOS device, you can copy the project to your Mac, and compile it for iOS.

The only thing you need to pay attention to, is how you copy the project to your mac computer.

Unity projects require special attention when copying / moving them.

The way I do it, is using version control.

  1. Develop on Windows.
  2. When ready, push the changes to a remote git repository (e.g. BitBucket, or a dropbox git repository).
  3. From the Mac, pull the changes and build for iOS.

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