Can I use jobsystem?

hello~ I am in a situation where I need to search the vertex of a large mesh on the web. So, I implemented it as a jobsystem, but it seems that only the main thread is used in the jobsystem on the web. is this right? I understand that the reason multithread support is only supported in C/C++ on the web is because of gc, but I understand that jobsystem uses native memory. Is it impossible to apply jobsystem on the web? Please reply~

Unfortunately I would not recommend targeting the Unity job system for web just yet for production games at least.

  • but - technically what you mention is precise: Unity's job system does not need garbage collection facilities, so it does not have the same limitation for multithreading that C# does. However, the current IL2CPP codegen stack is not yet fully geared towards this setup, which is largely due to the focus of the team being in getting mobile support out of the door and around different code size R&D tasks.

If you are technically curious, you could give multithreaded jobs a go, and I'd be happy to take in any bug reports if things don't work out, though it is not just yet a fully tested configuration.

(if you do give it a go, I recall that the exception mode "Full with native stack traces" will not at least work, I've been looking at that bug in the past couple of months to find a road map for an alternative to avoid IL2CPP stack trace sentries generation)

Thank you for answer.