Can i use mecanim animator while using legacy?

Hello Unity3D.I have a question about legacy and mecanim.Is there anyway to use a mecanim animator while using legacy?The reason i ask this question is the fact that i want to use an animation that i have bought in the asset store and the only way i can use it is with an animator but im wondering if i can use an animator while working in legacy?If anyone knows how i can do this?Can you please tell me how?

If you have different characters then yes you can, for example I use mecanim for my main character but legacy on animals.

If you want to put a single mecanim animation on a character who uses legacy for all other animations, well I’ve seen people say they’ve done that but with mixed results.

If the character you want to animate only has a few animations why not convert them to mecanim, which is easy, do that and switch mecanim for all animations for that character?

I’ve also seen a youtube video of someone converting a mechanim to legacy but that looked messy as well.