Can I use MultiDisplay with OpenGL ?

I’m trying to develop an application that will be displayed on more than one screen. I managed to get the results I wanted by using the Display type, e.g. :


But it worked only with DirectX, and when I try to launch it with OpenGL only the main screen launches. Is this an issue someone knows, is there a workaround ?

I know that this is an old topic, but I’m having the same exact problem… did you find a solution by any chance? I’m getting desperate!

Can confirm this is still an issue up to new Unity 2019. It’s interesting that this subject has fairly little attention, no mention in the documentation or known issues for multiple monitors or related features. As someone who prefers OpenGL, it’s weird there isn’t more transparency with feature support.,Confirm having the same issue all the way up to new Unity 2019. It would be really nice if that were more documented. As someone who vastly prefers OpenGL, it’s disappointing and clear that less effort has been put into it.