Can I use multiple plugins in the Unity 5 32-bit editor?

We’re trying to upgrade a project from Unity 3.5 to Unity 5. We’re using the 32-bit editor because we have several 32 bit dlls that communicate with some external hardware, e.g., motion platform, gear shifts, steering wheel.

We wrote several dlls that interface with the dlls that in turn interface with the equipment. For Unity3.5, the arrangement was that the plugin dlls we wrote went in Assets/plugins, and the dlls they accessed went in the Project directory, at the same level as the assets folder or in the same folder as the Unity editor executable.

No matter where I put the HW dlls, i.e., the dlls our plugin dlls access; in Assets/Plugins, Assets/Plugins/x86, in the project directory, or in the directory with the Unity 5 editor, I get an error message about the editor not being able to access multiple dlls.

Can the Unity 5 32-bit editor use more than one plugin? I’d hate to have to rewrite all our plugins into one single monster plugin.

you can use more than one plugin as far as i know of. but unity 5 has changed how some things work . their is a big chance that youre 3.5 plugins don’t work anymore.


It’s been stated that a 32-bit dll would not work in the 64-bit editor by a Unity employee (it’s old so it could have changed but I doubt it).