Can I use predifined hexagons in generating random maps?

This might be tricky, but I have created 70 hexagons (in Photoshop), and i want to use 64 of them to create various maps in my game:

  1. 8x8 map (like a chess but with hexagons)
  2. randomly placed hexagons; adjacent and in a shape like an “O” or “U” for example.

The trick is not for me to pre-make those maps; this way the maps will be the same every time! Instead, I want each time the map to be different by a random placement of the hexagons. I.E: imagine in game 1, hexagon ONE being in position A; then in game 2, i would like the hexagon to be placed in position 42. It could be positioned in the same location; but not necessarily.

Can this happen through creating seeds of maps? Me creating all those different combinations and saving them as seeds in numeric vectors, and then each game a random seed will be selected with each hexagon’s number going to the assigned position of the seed?

Hopefully I am clear!!! If any clarification is needed please let me know! Thank you.

There is a guy on youtube that I used to watch a long time ago, he does a lot of game programming tutorials. this sound like what you are trying to do. check it out here

I hope this helps.

-You can make a single hex shaped mesh, and store it as a prefab. Configure the mesh such that it’s UV’s match that of the hex images you will use.

-Store each photoshop hex image as a separate file (asset) in your project.

-Now you can create a new material, manally during scene configuration or automatically at runtime(harder), for each one of your imported hex images.

-Then instantiate the prefab at each of your random location, assigning to each new instances’ MeshRender, the material you want the hex to display.

So, a fair bit going on: creating a mesh from scratch, assigning correct UV texture mapping to it, creating materials at runtime, and instantiating prefabs. Obviously, a lot to cover, but hopefully breaking it up into parts will help your research.