Can I use the P4 version control plugin from github?

I recently discovered what appears to be a Perforce version control plugin on Github.

It appears to be from Unity Tech but I am confused about it. It claims it is the code used for the built-in version control (which I don’t believe even exists in 4.0). Is it intended to be used as a plugin? It compiles to a .exe and I am unsure how to get it working with a project. Anybody know what’s going on here?

Reading on:

“Note that version control other than Asset Server is not supported per default in current releases of Unity. It is available as a preview feature in 4.x with team license though. You can enable the feature by putting an empty file called ‘vcs.txt’ in the root of your Unity project folder and restart Unity. This will make the menu “Window → Asset Server” show the new version control window.”

I did that, and now have Perforce stuff in my project. Not sure how complete it is yet, though…

Yeah but you only get it if you have Team License which is a bit pricy when you have to buy it on top of a pro license. There’s a pretty good p4 plugin on the asset store though called UnityP4.