Can I use toon shader on terrain?

I like the way edge detect makes my mountains look, but is there away to make toonshader work with terrain's meshes. I could make mountains with 3d tool or export unity's terrain into a 3d modeling tool and make it into a gameobject and use toon shader on that. But is there anyother way?

In Unity 2.x you could override the terrain shaders by including shaders with the same names as the real terrain shaders in your project

It could well be that the same hack could work for unity 3, worth a try at least

Sadly, the only way that I can see is to change the Terrain shader in the assets to include toon shading. Otherwise you have to treat your terrain as just another GameObject.

I'm trying the same thing, but I think I'm just going to pre-shade the textures for the terrain to make them resemble toon shading, turn of the lighting effects and see how it works...