can i use two or more A* path finding project grid graph in same map?

I’m having a big map and facing error when i place A* path finder graph in it bcoz its size is soo big…so can i use two or more graph in the same map? dose it have any negative impact on my project?

Are you talking about Aron Granberg’s “A* Pathfinding Project” ?

If not, I have no idea about Unity’s integrated pathfinding solution, but the documentation would surely address your question somehow.

If so, yes, you can have multiple grid graphs. IIRC, one of his example projects for procedurally generated world games includes two graphs, one large coarse graph, and one small fine graph for nearby agents.

There will be an impact on performance roughly equivalent to doubling the number of points in a single graph, though because they work independent of one another, a graph with zero or few agents on it won’t incur much of a performance penalty.

Well, you just need to create two graphs.
If you want some characters to use one of them and the others to use another one, you can specify from code which graphs you want to calculate on (as a mask)