can i use unity crack for a non-commercial use ?

I don’t know where to ask this question , i need shadows in my game , which is not available in Unity Free , my games will be for free , I’ll not earn money , so i can’t buy the pro version , also i’m 16years and have not a CreditCard yet , I’d like if a unity’s company member replies here , sorry if my question seems stupid and sorry for bad english (i speak French) .

Either simulate shadows (i.e. fake them) or find someone with a credit card.

You are asking permission to do something illegal. There is no way any Unity rep is going to say, “Yeah sure, use a cracked copy.”

Do you really “need” shadows? Does the game play rely on shadows?

If you are starting on Unity, first get your game working in free. After is is working evaluate if you can improve it with pro (e.g. shadows). Worst thing would be to buy Unity pro then get bored or stuck and not finish your game. Get it working, then use the 30 day trial of pro and make sure you need it.

A question like this is not allowed on Unity Answers. You should not use a cracked version of any software. If you can not afford to pay for the Pro licence, then use the free version.

Sorry but you should not be asking if its ok to use a cracked version of Unity Pro on unity’s answers.

I don’t think you can ask thing like this here :slight_smile: