Can I use unity3D for data visualizations, I mean 3d graphs like 3d pie charts

I am working on a project which demands some complex 3d data visualizations. for example imagine it in 3d or something like this.
And is it possible to show a 3d tag cloud like this example Spherical Tag Cloud using unity 3d?

A video game IS a complex data visualization. The only difference between that (what Unity was designed for) and what you are looking for is user input.

Given, Unity was not designed to make graphs from scratch, but there is absolutely nothing stopping you from using it in the way you specified.

Doing what is shown in your first picture would actually be quite hard if you’re not skilled at procedural mesh creation.

What is shown in the second picture, on the other hand, is extremely easy in Unity.

“Can you tell me where I can start?” Start by following one of the tons of guides.