Can I use VisionOSGroundingShadow with Bounded Volume?

Shadows created with VisionOSGroundingShadow do not appear in content created with Bounded Volume, can I use VisionOSGroundingShadow with Bounded Volume?

I believe that VisionOSGroundingShadow will not work with Bounded Volume, as the AR Kit features are not available in Bounded Volume.

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Yes it’s supported, the grounding shadow component is just for RealityKit rendered objects and doesn’t use data from ARKit. It should cast shadows on other objects as well as the real world when the volume is moved close to a surface.

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Yes, they should work. One thing you might need to be aware of is that both the shadow casters and receivers must use Lit materials.

I am also having trouble with grounding shadows not showing up. I am using a unity cube with the default lit material.

If you submit a bug report with a repro case and let us know the incident number (IN-#####), we can look into it.

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