Can I use Visual C# 2010 Express as a script editor?

I am using Microsoft Visual C# 2010 express. So can I copy and paste these scripts into unity? I mean...I know I can just add a script in unity, but this is easier, so would it work? Thx

just use the asset menu's synch visual studio and then when you click on the cproj file visual studio 2010 will convert the project and then you can just click on the assets folder in vs and right click and use add/new item to add scripts and write the code you want.

don't forget to create a templete or remove the namespace of the created class and all unwanted using statements. also add using UnityEngine; or using UnityEditor; when you need them.

there is a small problem available, if there is no script in your asset folder then the visual studio will not recognize it so at first create a script in unity and then create vs project in unity. later you can delete that script or just modify it to suite your needs.

unity 3 will integrate monodevelop with it's debugger.

You can use Visual Studio 2008 (or previous, Professional or Express) as your script editor. This means that when you double-click a .cs file in Unity, it will open in Visual Studio, and when you save it, Unity will automatically update the script file. You can even compile the code inside of Visual Studio to make sure your code doesn't have any errors.

Unity does not officially support Visual Studio 2010 yet (correct me if I'm wrong), but if it weren't added in Unity 3, I would be really surprised. You can use it to write your code, sure, but you're better off using 2008, since it's all integrated. Don't waste your time copying and pasting files.

You can certainly use Express as your editor. See this other question for great info (worked for me) on opening script files directly in VC# Express:

My Unity instructor taught me this really handy trick to integrate Visual Studio 2010 with Unity 3:

Make a new .txt file, in any folder. Name it whatever you’d like, e.g. “unity-executable.txt”. Open it and type in the following:

Start "" %1

(Sometimes pasting the “” directly messes it up. Safest way is to type it in yourself.)

Now convert that .txt file to a .bat (through properties, or just reveal all file extensions) by simply renaming the file extension from txt to bat.

Open Unity and go:
Edit → Preferences → External Script Editor → Browse… select your ‘unity-executable.bat’.