Can I use Youtube Audio library's copyright free song in my game?

Hello, I’m very new to game developing. I almost finished my first game, but I’m having difficulty in creating music for my game . Can I just use musics and sound effects I found on Youtube’s audio library? It is claimed they can be freely used in making videos, but not specified about games.

i thing if creator doesn’t have problem to use the song i dont thing is eny problem to use or if you don’t use public but if you try to sell your product and you use something which is not yours without have license for this not allowed for the Law.

In few words make sure the content you try to is license to use in you are good the same aplay for images model… Not only in songs
(I don’t know what is means copyright free I check and I answer)

And if saman answer correct then press the answer button

Check this website Myths and Facts in Avoiding Copyright Infringement
This video Royalty Free Music (1): What Is Royalty Free Music And Why Use It? - YouTube

To get free music I usually use this website: - it has a perfect collections of royalty free music. I recommend it!

I think it’s okay to use them. Just make sure to check if they require attribution or not, and act accordingly.