Can lightprobes work with asset bundles or through WWW


I am working on a project that requires different times of day, Each time of day has different lightmaps for different lighting conditions. I want to use a different set of lightprobes for different times of day, however with so many lightprobes it takes a lot of space in the web player. We want to put the lightprobes in asset bundles, however when we attempt to load them and assign them to the LightmapSettings, we get a reference to the lightprobe data, it appears correctly in the lightmap settings, but the probes do not show up. Monobehavior says that the data in the lightprobe file is null, as if it has been thrown out. We tried several ways of bundling. We tried putting the lightprobe data in a class, assigning it to a gameobject as a component, then putting that object into a prefab and bundling the prefab, but still no data.

We also tried loading it using a url and a WWW but the available datatypes did not work with the .asset format of the lightprobe data.

I’m stumped, does anyone have any ideas?

Have you tried setting up all the lighting in your scene, and then bundling the whole scene?