Can MonoBehaviour link to the only script attached to a GameObject?

I have a GameObject with a specific name, but the scripts attached to this GameObject can be different. I would like to call the only script attached to this GameObject.
I use this Script:

pWeapon = GameObject.Find("Primary(Clone)");
var pScript = pWeapon.GetComponent<MonoBehaviour>();

It finds the GameObject Primary(Clone) and the print returns


I would think that it found the script, but when I say


It tells me that MonoBehaviour does not contain a definition for “Test”.

By the way, the script what it’s all about contains

public void Test()
        print("This is MonoBehaviour");

Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?
And more importantly, how to fix it?:smiley:

Instead of MonoBehaviour, use the name of the script you want to find.