Can my company download a personal Unity license for education and then switch to Pro later for development?

The company I work for is interested in using Unity for use in AR development. However, none of us know how to use unity or any of the workflow to make this work. I’m curious if we can download the Free License to Unity on a business computer to get a basic understanding of the interface and how to use the program before we switch to the $125/month plan.

Once we understand the process and how to run the program we would obviously switch to the business plan and use no assets created from the free version. Is this allowed or would we need to go straight into the paid plan just to learn it?

Did your business earn more than $100k in revenue in the last year? If so, you can’t use Unity Personal.
There used to be a 30-day trial version of Unity Pro which it sounds like is what you need, but I can’t find it at the moment - I’d recommend you contact Unity to ask:

As you described I see that you have to go through the paid plan because business computers are under vision by the servers and it’s not safer to access such files on these computers without read review and permission. I hope I can help you understand a little bit, but a professional or an official of the same company you are working in can guide you better.