Can Navmeshagent avoid other agent?

I have created navigate mesh agents and set their obstacle avoidance to high quality. Each agent has random destination. I’ve read someone said in the forum that navigate mesh agent can avoid other agents. But from my observation, they can still stuck at each other especially at the corner of wall. Sometimes, they seem to successfully avoid other agents but sometimes they aren’t. It makes me wonder if they can really avoid other agents or they just collide at each other until they can slide and pass their obstacle. So, can Navmeshagent really recognize and avoid other agent?

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I can’t say this with certainty as I haven’t tried it, but I imagine you could do it by adding another script to the agent. The NavMeshAgent won’t automatically avoid things that aren’t NavMeshAgents, but you can probably add other avoidance behaviour.

I know this is very, very old, but if anyone comes here from a search, look at the priority property on the agent(s). That is where you will find your solution.