can node.js be installed by unity installer

I’d like to add some node.js into a project - I think the best way to do this is with GitHub - floatinghotpot/ client for Unity, power game client with node.js back-end
this is a cool way to benefit from both the worlds of c# and javascript

but here’s the thing -Once the project is ready to ship how can the unity game installer be configured to ensure node.js is running on the host or includes the additional supporting requirements to run the externally deployed node.js - node.js appears to be somehow integrated into the unity editor project manager - so there must be a way to do this without NPM or actually installing node.js???

BUMP – I asked this originally in May – can anyone shed some light on the node.js functions in the package manager – are these transferable into the game engine proper? Why are there ZERO posts on this ?