Can not build locally possibly due to unknown Texture format warnings in the Editor log

My project targets to iOS, most textures are compressed in ASTC. It had built successfully days ago,but somehow it can not anymore, in the Editor.log, i found loads of

“WARNING: 306187680 format is not supported, decompressing texture”

Since the xxxxxxx format seems correspond to individual textures i assume, i have no idea why ASTC textures caused these warning and blocking the local building.(the building just simplely lasts for ever, and progress dialogure says: … packaging assets)

i also like to add, in the editor,everytime any textures are selected or reimported, the warning ticket will be send in the log file as well.

Same problem here @BlandonDu =S

I always get that xxxxxxx(numbers) format in Android and iOS builds, no matter what the compression format . The same happens when reimporting textures.

This doesn’t happen when the target platform is PC/Mac and I reimport textures.

Did you manage to solve it?