Can not build with "Windows Store"

Can not select build with “Windows Store”.
I want to know why “Build” can not be selected.
best regards.

【Unity version】

【PC Spec】
OS: Windows 7 professional
CPU: Xeon E3-1226 v3
Memory: 16GB

Unity is now modular. In order to build to any platform, you need to install that module.

Download the Unity installer. When you reach the prompt to select which modules to install, make sure that “Windows Store Build” is selected. You can deselect the editor to save bandwidth as long as your installer is the same version as the local Unity build.

Thank you for your reply.
During installation, I installed “Windows Store” by checking it.

“File” → “Build settings” → “Windows store”
We are doing the above procedure with Unity.
After that I want to “Build” but “Build” can not be selected.