can not Customize web player icon

According to the web player icon and colors should be changed I Edited my unity generated html and every thing is ok except to the images, I deleted cache from here but still images are not changed any solutions

Ok I did find the solution, when you edit the params in the html file, you have to be sure that all images (logo, preloader, progress) are actually there. I had the logo (splash) correctly loaded in my page but never displayed… because the preloader and progress image were not found !!

I was focusing on making the logo appear, not the loading bar images so I did not check that. So be sure to have all the images in the folder or comment the params not needed.

Hope this will help…

Are you running Unity Pro?

I`m using Unity Pro even after changing Logo path in *.js file to load my custom png image from local path everything looks good, my custom logo appears as my customized image for setup path of web player but here is the problem the preloader has unity logo and mine not shown

I’m having the same issue…
Unity Pro too and I can’t get my logo and preloader image working…
Did you find any solution for this?