Can not load script from AssetBundle which has namespace.

I am using the unity5.0.1f1, and I met an error when I attach a script with namespace onto a GameObject in a scene, and I load the scene from AssetBundle in unity5.x, the script is missing reference. But When I remove the namespace, its work fine.
There has a lot of extension using namespace include mine code, it seems impossible to remove all namespace in code. Is is an already known bug in some patch fixed it, or I am missing something?
I test it using the AssetBundle demo come from

I change the script class name, and the reference to prefab is broken. If I remove the script which missing on the prefab, re-add it onto the prefab, and rebuild the AssetBundle, everything goes OK again.
I dig into the prefab file and see just the fileID of the MonoBehavior is changed.
You can repeat this 100%

BTW, I met this bug on MacOS

It seems this bug is not resolved.