Can not pass Unity splash screen on Android when first scene has a UI object since upgrade to Unity 5.3.1

In the past I build whitout any problem some small applications with Unity. I never had an issue before.
But with the upgrade to Unity 5.3.1, after building and running on an android device, the applications gets stuck on the Unity (free version) Splash screen. When running in the editor everything works fine and I have no errors when compiling and building.

For me the big mysterie is that the problem only occurs when I’ve put an UI object on the first scene to load after the splash screen. Even an empty scene with one single button is enough to have the problem. When I delete the UI object and build, run and play again, the app loads smoothly the first (empty) scene. Downgrading to Unity 5.2.1f and building, running and playing the app (with one or more UI objects) solves my problem. But to be honoust, I rather work whit the latest versions of any software.

I tried to catch some logfiles with catlog, but my knowledge and experience is to limited to know which part to ‘read’ and is applicable to the app.

I build my apps on a Mac (El Capitan 10.11.2), tried to run the app on a Nexus 6 (Android 6.0), a Samsung tablet Model GT-N5100 (Android 4.4.2) and on an Epson Moverio (in the past the same app generated by Unity worked without a problem on the Moverio).

I hope I provided sufficient information because I’m a relatively newbie and that someone can help me with this problem.

Try the latest patch. If that does not work submit a bug report and include a project that reproduces the issue.

Thanx for your reply @karl.jones. I gonna try it as soon as possible. I’am currently working on an new app in the 5.2.1 version (taking no risk). When it’s ready I gonna install the 5.3.1 version with the patch you suggested.

I keep you posted!!