Can OnAudioFilterRead be used with WebGl

I would like to do some audio synthesis with WebGl. My code compiles and it runs but no audio plays. Does OnAudioFilterRead not work with WebGl?

private void OnAudioFilterRead (float[] data, int channels)
       for (int i = 0; i < data.Length; i++) 
       data  _= sampleBuffer *;*_


Yes, this seems to be a limitation of the current implementation of WebGL. I’m doing some research for usfxr and gathering my thoughts on an issue for the project.

Depending on what you’re doing, you might be able to create your audio with AudioClip.Create, but it’ll mean losing the advantage of creating the audio on a separate thread (more info on that here).

Isn’t this supported yet? The audio plays just fine now, but OnAudioFilterRead is still not called. Any reason why?

Have you found the answer? looking also for this