Can one use NVIDIA's hybridizer as a compiler for Unity projects?

Hello, basically the title says already what I’m aiming for:
Can one use NVIDIA’s hybridizer as a compiler for Unity projects?

I have not used NVIDIA’s hybridizer; however, I did skim over the documentation and some of the sample.
From what I can see, as a replacement compiler for Unity projects, I would say no.

However, if you are able to create a .NET class library using hybridizer (and it does not have to be a stand-alone application), then I do not see why you could not reference the class library and use methods you create from your scripts; it seems feasible, but not something I’ve ever attempted.

There are, of course, limitations that the hybridizer may impose, such as creating a 64-bit executable and having a GPU capable of using the low-level hardware.