Can Raycasting detect colliders overlaping origin of ray? (Problem with description in documentation)

I have question about Raycasting.
In documentation is information that colliders which overlaps origin of ray and will be detected:

Additionally, this will also detect
at the start of the ray.
In this case the ray is starting
inside the Collider and doesn’t
intersect the Collider surface. This
means that the collision normal cannot
be calculated in which case the
collision normal returned is set to
the inverse of the ray vector being
tested. This can easily be detected
because such results are always at a
RaycastHit2D fraction of zero.

But when I checking returned RaycastHit value - there is no information about collider overlaping origin of raycast.

In olders versions of unity we can find note:

Note: This function will return false
if you cast a ray from inside a sphere
to the outside; this in an intended

Are Raycasts (and others raycasting methods ) can detect collider overlaping origin of ray? Or description from documentation is wrong?

In Project Setting → Physics2D we have variable Queries Start In Colliders. We can include colliders overlaping raycast origin or not.

This setting is for all methods using casting in Physics2D class (not only Raycast()).

In code we can change it with variable : Physics2D.queriesStartInColliders