Can RMCv2 Animation State Machine coordinate with mobile joystick?

I found Root Motion Controller version 2 in asset store:

As this plugin is c#, but my game will use Unity provided mobile joystick which is javascript, I am new for Unity, so can anyone give me hints to let RMCv2 work with the mobile joystick? Thanks :slight_smile:

I did it~ The answer is yes!

Can Anyone help me with this issue please. I am coding in javascript and want to use this package. Is any javascript version available of RMCv2. I have put all the c# classes under plugins. I only have to use them in a javascript class.All functions can be used successfully but my javascript class can not extend Mixamo.TransitionHandler and hence can not use GetASM().SetTransitionHandler( this );, without which my functionality will not function. Also I have no idea what is the root of this code :

GetASM().SetTransitionHandler( this );

Any help would be appreciated.