Can scenes be converted into objects?

Is there a process or function that can convert a scene into a compound object? I am building a randomly generated maze and have several different parts of the maze saved in multiple scenes. Is there a way to take a scene an make into a empty object with all other objects in the scene parented to it? this would be a really useful feature, especially in random generation. thanks!

yes and no.

No you cannot “convert a scene into an object”. A scene has much more information then an object.

However what you CAN do is make a prefab of the part of the scene Hierarchy you wish to transfer, and then export a package with that prefab in it.

You can also programmatically load a scene into another one, however thats fraught with peril and probably not what you really want.

Edit: it occurs to me, though you didn’t say this, that you may mean you want to do this at runtime of the game.

The only way to do that is to make prefabs and export them as bundles. Bundles are a pro feature.