Can somebody explain this? IT'S ALIVE!!!

Just ran into this today, no idea why XD
As you can see I’m using the Lab demo, the files are just cubes, they have a rigidbody and a box collider attached to them, there is nothing attached that makes them shake like that… o.O
It’s worth mentioning that if I make them bigger, scale them up, they stop moving…

So… how to stop this shaking? any idea why THEY’RE ALIVE!!!

If you need any info let me know – Thanks.


EDIT: here’s how thick they are, scale = (0.02, 0.5, 0.7)


Here’s my physics and rigidbody settings:


Is everything scaled really really
small? Is this penalty force at work?
What are the mass and drag values? Is
it a prefab cube or import? If its
import check the scale factor. Does it
have a physic material with bounce?

And what is the bounce threshold in
physics manager?

If object is thin, Penalty Force might
have issues with skin depth. And you
can adjust sleep velocity to something
higher perhaps.

Also in PhysMan try increasing
iteration count as an afterthought.

I see it is happening as an result of a collider that on whole is thinner than the allowed skin depth for collision. If you need a Continuous Dynamic Rigidbody, the floor should be Continuous.

Lowering FixedTimeStep will help the physics keep up and may stop jittering and pass-through. But I’d just use a thicker floor.

Have a read here.