can someone explain particle collision to me?

Hi guys Ive decided to use Particles for the weapons in my game (guns and stuff) when use colliders on the particle system i can see the particles hitting and bouncing of my player, is it possible to register this as a hit in the game and trigger damage?

Were I you, I would not use particles as a weapons projectiles. There are two ways traditionally that guns are made in any game engine or scripting language. The first is a raycast system, whichcalculates a line from your gun to where it hits and the second is a prefab system, where a physical object is instantiated and force is added to it. If the weapon you are trying to make is a flame thrower and these systems do not work for you a better method would be to have a trigger hitbox turned on while shooting at the end of your gun along with particles and have the hitbox do the damage

It seems their not just colliders in particle systems, particle systems detect other objects using raycast,
so it seems you can’t do that.

but you can do a raycast seperately and do the damage and for displaying line of fire you can use particle systems,
that’s what i have done in my FPS game, and it’s really works good on android platform

You certainly can… by implementing OnParticleCollision()