Can someone explain this?? KeyCode Error

Im working a long time with Unity and i never have seen THIS error and i cant get rid of it no matter what i do…

UnityException: Input Key named: KeyCode.E is unknown
UnityEngine.Input.GetKeyDown (string) <IL 0x00001, 0x00023>
(wrapper dynamic-method) UnityEngine.Input.Input$GetKeyDown$System.String (object,object) <IL 0x0000c, 0x0004c>
Boo.Lang.Runtime.RuntimeServices.Invoke (object,string,object) <IL 0x0004c, 0x00125>
Mouse.Update () (at Assets/Scripts/Mouse.js:9)

basically im getting the “KeyCode.E” from another script so its like Input.GetKey(GameObject.Find(CONTROLS).GetComponent(CONTROLS).forward)

Could GetKey had choosed the wrong version (overload method)? There are two versions, one that accepts strings, and another that expects a KeyCode value. Maybe somewhere in the process the wrong version is choosen, and it causes the error. Try to assign the code to an intermediate variable, like this:

var fwdCode: KeyCode = GameObject.Find(CONTROLS).GetComponent(CONTROLS).forward;

Furthermore, it’s more efficient to read the forward code at Start or in other seldomly called function - GameObject.Find is a slow operation, and should not be called in Update or other periodic functions.