Can someone help me move my camera up a bit?

Hi there.

I have a Main Camera that looks for a target (the Player) prefab and will follow that around, having the target centered to the camera.

I need it to be liftet in the y-axis a little bit. Where in the code am I supposed to make a change and what change?


using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
public class GameCamera : MonoBehaviour {
 	public Transform target;
 	public float trackSpeed = 10;
 	public void SetTarget (Transform t)
		target = t;
		//transform.position = new Vector3(t.position.x,t.position.y,transform.position.z);
	void LateUpdate()
		if (target)
			float x = IncrementTowards(transform.position.x, target.position.x, trackSpeed);
			float y = IncrementTowards(transform.position.y, target.position.y, trackSpeed);
			transform.position = new Vector3(x,y, transform.position.z);
	private float IncrementTowards(float n, float target, float a) {
		if (n == target) {
			return n;	
		else {
			float dir = Mathf.Sign(target - n); // must n be increased or decreased to get closer to target
			n += a * Time.deltaTime * dir;
			return (dir == Mathf.Sign(target-n))? n: target; // if n has now passed target then return target, otherwise return n


Change where transform.position gets set to add something to your Y coordinate.

No, I won’t write it for you. You will learn more if you figure it out for yourself.