Can someone help me set up an fps?

Hello everyone, thanks for reading this. I am pretty new to unity, but have one thing that I really want to add to my game, a weapon. I just want a simple graphic on the screen on a gun on the side, and the ability for the gun to shoot on a left click. I can manage the bullets collision and killing opponents. If anyone knows any good links, or can help me out that would be great. thanks.

There are a couple of tutorials that involve creating and shooting bullets, I’d suggest Space Shooter. You might be able to figure it out by skipping to “part 7. Shooting Shots” or by looking through the code in the “done” sub folder if you download the assets. Or just doing the tutorial doesn’t take all that long.

If you have a more specific question I can try and answer it directly, but without knowing what you have so far or exactly what you want it’s hard to tell you more without writing out a full tutorial!

Hope this helps and if doing the Space Shooter tutorial doesn’t get you what you need then feel free to message me!!!