Can someone help me with my TPS Controller/Camera?

Ima be extremely honest, Im very touch and go with coding as of now. Im studying but I’m no more then a noob in my opinion. Never the less. Those who dont try get no where.

I’d like to get a 3rd person controller/camera similar to Fenglee’s Attack On Titan Online Game
found here FengLee’s Aog

If you start a single player game and press C twice(or select the camera from the menu before starting the tutorial, you can set the cam to TPS)

The top right corner also shows the camera that is set underneath the difficulty.

If anyone can help me emulate this games TPS camera style
Or point me in the direction of an already made script.

I’d appreciate super greatly.
Thanks Guys :smiley:

Actually I got all fengee scripts , there a bit messed up , If I where any good with C sharp to figure , because they kind of errored on export , but only a bit of the code is missing , the rest are all fine , so If I could figure out how to it would be great , Im actually making a team to get all of this figured out with all scripts and the game itself dublicate and change arround , at the moment , I got a lot of things exported from the game , feel free to join me At the project , email : and well go from there , Trust me I got Into fengee so much that I want to change it around a bit , so Ill apriciate your help !