Can someone help me with some simple skripts and questions?

First i want to say that i am very sorry for my bad english, im from Germany. :smiley:

This is my first time on this forum, but im using unity since an half year. Now i want to create my first real game. I really cant skript and so i hope someone can help me.
I think i need very simple skripts but i really cant do this.

My first problem is, that i need a gun skript. I watched a lot of tutorials but i didnt get the skripts to work. I have made an Gun moddel (First person view) and i also created an animation for the shooting and an animation for the reloading. But now i need a script for the gun. The gun should fire when i press The left mouse button. When the button is pressed, the animation should play and an sound should play.
Is there an simple way to do this?
And is there a way to get an Ammonition counter and ammonition packs to refill the ammonition?
Is it also possible, that when the ammonition is epty, the animation doesnt play and the shooting sound changes?

I also have seen in the Bootcamp Demo, that it is possible to get Bullit Hole at the point you are firering at… How can i make somethink like this?

I know i asked for a lot of stuff… I hope someone can help me… :0
I have searched for that stuff a long, long time but i didnt found anythig helpfull.

Here is also an pic from my first person gun model:
(I now it looks very bad xD)

First i want to say that i am very
sorry for my bad english, im from
Germany. :smiley:

Me too.

Attach the animation, the audiosource and the following script to your GameObject.

int bullets = 10;
void Update()
				if(bullets > 0)
					bullets -= 1;

You should invest in this book, it is a great place to start!