Can someone please explain

Hi, Could someone please explain the meaning of this

for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++)

and this

Player p = new Player(i, faction);

its a loop. it does the same thing over and over

int i = 0

int is an integer. A whole number. variables have to have a type so you can know what you
can do with them.

i is a variable. A variable is a name which stands for something. Like in math
E = MC^2 or y = mx + b


while i is less than 3


shorthand for
i = i + 1;


i = 0
while i less than 3

i = i + 1

that is a loop that does whatever is in the loop 3 times

for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++)
print i;


Player p

player is a type again it tells you what you can do with a variable.

Player is a class. Classes are basically a collection of functions.

for example the integer class has the add function. the subtract function. the multiply and divide.

the string class (a string is a collection of characters. a character is a single keystroke) might have that as well but for example “a string” + “another string”
should probably result in “a string another string”. adding numbers creates a whole new number. 1 + 2 isnt 12 but it is with strings. Thats why the program needs to know what type a variable is. So when you write A + B it knows what to do.

new is a special word. it creates space in memory thats all.

player creates a a new player with some conditions.

You need to really learn how to program to understand this though. Pick up a C# or C++ book or download one or find a tutorial. Takes like a week or 2 to get the jist of it.

Best of luck