Can someone please Guide how to use baked lights in unity URP.

I’m developing game for Android on Unity URP and wanted to bake my scene for better performance.
I have an indoor garage scene, closed from all sides, so when I use mixed directional lights, the scene works well. But when I used baked directional lights, the scene is dark suddenly.

Here, dark means like a scene having no lights and only skybox giving little light. I have added reflection probe, light probe group, changed settings in lightning settings, added UV lightmap to the model, done everything possible, but models are still dark.

I also tried using point lights but result was not good, only small points had lights and it was not properly reflected (it’s called GI I think) and it gave the same dull look.

Can someone please guide me how to set up bake lights inside a closed space, you may recreate the situation by using 6 seprate block and adding lights inside it, thanks for your time.

PS: There are no tutorial on net for this problem.

I just tried baked directional light in URP myself and seems to be working fine. Are your meshes (models) marked as static within inspector? Baked lighting does not consider dynamic (non-static) objects during baking process