Can SQLite store DB in memory with Mono/Unity

I’m trying to speed up any code to do with my local SQlite database. One way i read was to store the database in memory only, Only thing is i cannot get that to work. I can’t find any API reference for the Mono version either. I’ve tried:

_dbc_m = new SqliteConnection("URI=memory:");
_dbc_m = new SqliteConnection("URI=:memory:");
_dbc_m = new SqliteConnection(":memory:");

Depending on the version of Mono.Data.Sqlite, you might also try:


Another option would be to simply leave the filename empty. This will create a temporary file on disk, but most of the time, SQLite will de-facto work in-memory:

Even though a disk file is allocated
for each temporary database, in
practice the temporary database
usually resides in the in-memory pager
cache and hence is very little
difference between a pure in-memory
database created by “:memory:” and a
temporary database created by an empty
filename. The sole difference is that
a “:memory:” database must remain in
memory at all times whereas parts of a
temporary database might be flushed to
disk if database becomes large or if
SQLite comes under memory pressure.

Source: In-Memory Databases