Can t change alpha of sprite while animator is enabled.

In the game should be blue circle, which is hidden until mouse is clicked. After click it appears on screen with animation and after another click it fades with animation.
Ball is hidden by script, it changes alpha at start(). But it doesn’t change it, as animator is enabled.
So in my game I actually see a circle without any clicking. After click it begins to appear from 0 alpha to 1.
Why is that? How the problem can be solved without disabling animator?

In the scene I have one sprite (simple blue circle), animator, attached to it and script.
Animator has three states: empty state (no animation, set as default), intro (animation: sprite’s alpha changes from 0 to 1 and scale) and dead (animation: sprite’s alpha changes from 1 to 0 and scale).
My script does a few things: at start makes sprites alpha = 0, and after some event set animator’s trigger to “Intro”. After it is being played, script changes alpha to 1.

You can keep your blue circle alpha to 0 prior running any animation, so when you start the game your circle wont be visible.Once you click it will start from alpha 0 to alpha 1.
Also if second fading is not working as expected .you can add number of keys reducing alpha value.Check screenshot given