Can´t save my web player project as index.html

When i save my project in a index folder, there appears an error: Error building Player: IOException: Failed to Move File / Directory from ‘Temp/BuildingWebplayerTemplate\index.html’ to ‘Temp/BuildingWebplayerTemplate\index.html’.

It works perfectly fine when i save it elsewhere… I want it to be index.html Couse then the homesite will have it as a main page.
Thanks in beforehand :)!

In Unity :

  • Browse to File > Build Settings
  • Select Webplayer then click Switch Platform
  • Click Build and Run, choose your destination
  • when the project is built, browse to the save location
  • there you will find the folder WebPlayer
  • In that folder, change the name of Webplayer(.html) to index(.html)
  • Done =]