Can the Camera not be oriented from a single point but from an area instead?

Maybe I do not articulate my problem well. The camera is a single point and the game view is oriented from this point. Thus when an object reaches the camera, it occupies the whole screen. But I want to make the camera a sort of rectangle so that when an object enters this area, it only covers part of the screen? I have noticed that I can set the range of rendering of the camera, and by increase the minimum rendering distance, objects stops being rendered in a rectangle before the screen. But this stops the rendering a distance in front of the game view. I want it to look like that objects enter and go through the screen. Is it possible? I hope my picture can better explain my intention.

The background of my question:
I am making a tunnel and the camera is travelling through the tunnel. There are various objects inside the tunnel. I wish that as the camera traverses the tunnel, the view is not oriented from a single point, which makes objects in the middle becomes larger and larger and finally occupies the whole screen, and other objects go out of the view when the camera is approaching them. Instead, although nearer objects still appear larger, when they finally reaches the camera, they should only be part of the screen.

Yes just change it from a perspective camera to an orthographic one.

or set it to perspective and alter the near clipping plane bounds

With regards to it stopping before the clipping bounds, I think you are misunderstanding how its working.

If you look at my second photo I have a cube that is almost touching the clipping bounds and it takes up exactly what it should in the frame.

If your camera position is now in the wrong place then offset its position in the z access to compensate for the clipping plane changes.