Can the default public MasterServer be used in production?

Short Version: Is it legal to use Unity’s default public MasterServer in a production game?

Long Version:
I have an existing mobile game on the iPhone / Android stores. Over the past few years only a few thousand copies have been sold. I am now adding a multiplayer feature and want to use Unity’s public MasterServer (usually used for testing) in production. The server will simply help people find and join each other’s games. There will not be much load, and I am not too worried about down time. I don’t want the overhead of my own hosting service for such a small scale. Is using Unity’s public MasterServer legal in production?

I am unsure if its legal. But Don’t use it because its not reliable, You can set your own up for free using Amazon. Checkout the and pickup the $3.99 video tutorial on this, its video 2 that you are looking for that will walk you through this. I am a big fan and have made a functioning game using this as the basis.

Also the Unity MasterServer is always going down for short periods of time so its not ideal for production just mostly for testing.

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