Can the reimport count be reduced for an Assetpostprocessor ?

Question: Is there a way to stop or reduce the amount of times that a “re-import all” is triggered when using or dealing with AssetPostProcessors ?

I have created an assetpostprocessor class script for processing models with custom properties.

As per the recommended instructions, I have compiled my assetpostprocessor to a DLL.

I have noticed that after adding it to the project, it triggers a re-import of ALL the fbx files.

After the re-import finished, If I added a new (empty) script to unity (editor folder), it would re-trigger the complete fbx re-import again. After that, creating subsequent new scripts would NOT result in a complete re-import.

Its resulting in a double complete re-import.
When there are over 300 fbx models, it consumes too much time.

When an asset post processor is added or removed from the project, it will trigger a re-import. This seems to be unavoidable.

The double re-import issue appears to be a bug. It only happened if I copied and pasted the assetpostprocessor dll directly into the actual folder on my pc (then made a new script). If I dragged and dropped the assetpostprocessor dll to the unity folder, it would trigger a single re-import only (regardless of making a new script).