Can the web player access asset bundles on Amazon S3?

Based on this page of the manual, I’m pretty sure the answer is ‘no’, but is it possible to allow a web player to access asset bundles stored on S3? I have a large amount of content stored on S3 that I use with my standalone player. If I build a web version, I don’t want to bog down my web site by streaming all those bundles from my server.

The answer is YES

I’ve made a test where I have the website on our own server and then just points the assets/datafiles onto S3. No problem.

Conclusive answer is ‘yes’. Amazon now allows S3 buckets to be designated as “websites” in the management console (under the bucket properties). This will allow you to access your S3 bucket at a unique domain, thus allowing you to place a crossdomain.xml file at the root and access your bundles from a player located at a different domain.