Can UMA DCS be used with a character controller?

The answer seems like it should be “yes obviously,” unless I’m missing the point of UMA which is possible, but when I attach a character controller component to the avatar object from “UMA > Getting Started”, it hovers in the air above the original location of the avatar. Changing the controller’s parameters during runtime just causes the avatar to float higher and higher away.

All that’s in my scene is UMA_DCS, the default light and camera, a plane to stand on, and a single UMA avatar, to which a single character controller is attached. 100% of the time, as soon as play begins, the avatar immediately hovers roughly as high up as the original height of the character.

Any ideas, anyone? What am I missing here? Any help is much appreciated.

Hey, I get that this question is a year old now but I only just started learning Unity/UMA and was running into this issue. I also found that when googling this seemed to be the only relevant question to my problem. Everything else was related to the Character Controllers Skin Width Settings, so I wanted to add an answer here to try and help anyone else that may be bumping into this.

Anyway, in the UMA Avatar you have added to your scene you’ll notice that at run time there is a capsule collider being added. This is what is causing the problem. In the Dynamic Character Avatar (Script) there is a section called Additional Utility Recipes which is an array of other recipes that will be applied to the avatar and one of them is CapsuleColliderRecipe. By removing this I was able to resolve my floating issue. As I’m new to this whole thing I’m not sure what, if any, side effects removing this may have but it has fixed this problem for me.

Hope this helps.